Helen S. Dunn School
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    It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the homepage for the Greenbush School Department and the Helen S. Dunn School. Our core values are as follows: be safe, be caring, and be ready to learn. At HSD, we take pride in our students and staff. We also appreciate the support, history and values of our community and invite you to volunteer as we strive to develop academic excellence and bring a rigorous and relevant curriculum to all our students.

    Mrs. Gwen Smith, Superintendent/Principal

    Mr. Kerry Priest, Special Education Director

    Mrs. Barbara Ouellette, Administrative Assistant

    Mrs. Amy Bickford, Special Education Secretary

    Ms. Megan Cornwell, Guidance

    Mr. Alan Brownewell, Athletic Director


    School Board Members

    Michael Williams, chair

    Chris Madden

    Terry Smith, Jr.

    Audrey Wood

    Brandi Moores

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