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News from the nurse:  Lice letter


Hello from the Helen S. Dunn School Nurse

PLEASE make sure the Nurse has a copy of ALL of your child’s vaccine records &

a State of Maine copy of your child’s birth certificate. We need this informationin your child’s health record to maintain state compliance.Your assistance is greatly appreciated with this matter. Call the school officeand inquire if you have questions about this. 826-2000. Thank you. Leslie Peterson RN


The Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program that the Dept. Of Education, School Nutrition Program provides for our school is ALIVE and thriving.

The goals of this program are to:

1) broaden the scope of student’s awareness regarding varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables

2) Provide tasting and whole portions to all students

3) educate students to the use of the food items and where they grow and how to prepare the fruit or vegetable

4) where to find the vegetable or fruit in stores

5) have portions for hungry students that may need a boost to their daily snack, helping to curb hunger.

How we measure our success:

1) we conclude our success by regular polling of teachers and students as to their liking of the fruit/vegetable offering

2) we will be taking written surveys throughout the second part of the year to measure recall of fruits and likes/dislikes

3) we have witnessed and hopefully will continue to witness increased dialog and questions about fruit and vegetables from the students

4) evidence seen with increased ingestion of fruits and vegetables during lunch and snack (both from school lunch program and from carried meal and snacks)


We are in the midst of flu season PLEASE remember these guidelines:

1) wash hands frequently and avoid hand to face contact

2) wear warm outdoor clothing that protects you against winter weather conditions

3) if you have a fever stay home until you are 24 hrs. fever free

4) cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze

5) Drink plenty of fluids (water and natural juices)

6) see your Doctor if illness persists with no improvement

7) discuss with your Doctor about the influenza (flu vaccine) and other appropriate immunizations you may be eligible for

Stay Well.  Leslie Peterson RN MPH- School Nurse

ps: Wellness Meetings happen monthly on either  the first Monday or Tuesday after school to collaborate on our goals for student, employee and community wellness. Please call the school office with questions about our meetings or any other health/wellness inquiries.


Fun Feedback From Students Regarding Fruit and Veggie Program:

Thumbs up….the fruit snacks are TERRIFIC!

Will you call my Mom and tell her what we had today so

we can have some at home?

Any chance you can fill me locker with those veggies from

today? I want an endless supply!

eyes on prize

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